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This website is designed to be simple to navigate and provide a fast and highly efficient service. Orders go directly to and deliveries come directly from our suppliers. This also keeps prices low.

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However we have tried to achieve more. The website is further designed to try and fire the imagination. There's roomshot photography and fabric combinations for curtains, blinds and for upholstery, for the home and for the commercial sector. Delve into the website for ideas.

For an alternative perspective of our fabrics, more imagery and ideas, go to Pinterest Peter Lees Fabrics

We also try and inspire. Check out Retain My Dignity ™ ® and Secret Ingredient ™.

What is ? It's a symbol we created which comes from the combination of a kiss and the 'tear drop' shape of our aprons and napkins. If pushed we would say it's a symbol for 'nurture'.

Nurture links every product and every feature of this website. Without nurture a room is just a room but with nurture it creates a feeling of well being?

The Peter Lees Fabrics website is unlike other fabric websites.

Many sites are created for price comparison and are as big as possible, containing most of the brands on the market. This is with the intention of 'grabbing' as many leads as possible through the search engines and promotes high ranking. This all makes commercial sense to be honest.

But if you want to browse for ideas there's so much product on there - do you know where to start looking? Does the site stimulate? Unless you have a specific idea what you want - it's quite likely that you may be over faced with choice?

You could always narrow the fabrics down using filters but sometimes you want to see a little less selection but better presented?

That's why Peter Lees Fabrics focus on fabric combinations and roomshot photography to help you envisage the fabrics in your own home.

We don't use filters because the site is set up to be as simple as possible to navigate. We hope our site goes some way to make choosing fabric easier not harder.

And then of course you want competitive prices. Delve into the site and see whether we have achieved our goals.