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14/08/18 - Should I give it a try?Whether you make just a few aprons for friends and family or strive to create your own little enterprise, it's more about what being an Artisan can do for you! Retain My Dignity ™..
14/08/18 - Shall I sell my aprons?It's up to you. Whether you want to make just a couple of aprons initially and gift them, maybe you might use eBay or social media, or you're part of a church group or similar. You may be outgoing and want to take samples on the school..
13/08/18 - Retain My Dignity™ with Love.What makes a hand made product so special? Isn't it like the 'secret' ingredient in home made food? I don't know about you but I find nothing more soulless than 'bought in' food. I love to cook and there's nothing more gratifying th..
13/08/18 - A Journey!Retain My Dignity ™ is going to be a great journey and we hope you agree that the Retain My Dignity ™ apron is a great product and a great concept. We also hope that you early Artisans will enjoy and feel proud to be part of that journ..
13/08/18 - Larger size Retain My Dignity™ Kids apron.We are asked whether Artisans can offer a larger size Kids apron up to 35 cms neckline. Yes why not! Remember to follow the simple guideline: Aprons must be the same shape as the apron templates provided and must be double thick, re..
13/08/18 - Personalised Retain My Dignity™ ApronsWe are asked whether Artisans can personalise their aprons. Definitely! There's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't offer this service whether it be through embroidery or an additional label or whatever. Simply remember the original..
11/08/18 - DoesnSomehow we think Roger hasn't fully grasped the concept of Retain My Dignity™! Send us your pics - especially if they are humorous! Retain My Dignity ™..
11/08/18 - Edna gets it.Edna does get it but won't wear her Pinny at mealtime in case it gets stained! Retain My Dignity ™..
11/08/18 - Retain My Dignity™ Artisan Trade EnquiriesWe receive Trade enquiries from shops and websites wanting to sell Retain My Dignity™ Adult and Kids aprons. We only sell the official Retain My Dignity™ Aprons via this website and don't give trade discounts. We are happy to supply..
11/08/18 - Artisans post a Review.If you would like to tell us your story by posting a review and thereby encourage other potential Artisans - just click on any of the 'Retain My Dignity™ Woven Fabric Label' thumbnails and 'View Reviews'. This will allow you to post a ..
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