Artisans Noticeboard

11/08/18 - Artisans retain their own dignity.It seems 'Retain My Dignity' works on many levels. This is an extract from an E mail we received recently: Hi Peter Lees Fabrics I would like to say Thank you. I used to have my own dressmaking business until family health issues..
11/08/18 - Which fabrics can Artisans use for their aprons?Artisans can of course choose ANY Canvas or Linen fabric from the Craft section. It's up to you whether you use the same fabrics as the official apron or create your own style using other fabrics from the Craft Fabrics section. ..
11/08/18 - Retain My Dignity™ Artisan selling price.Artisans frequently ask us whether there's any restriction on the price they can charge for their aprons. The answer is no - Artisans are free to sell their aprons at whatever price they wish. We remind Artisans that aprons must be ..
11/08/18 - What does the Design Right protection mean?We are often asked what apron fastening is acceptable for Artisans within the Design Right protection. For bona fide Artisans following guidelines, the restriction purely relates to the use of elastic to loop over the button. The us..
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