Retain My Dignity™ Adult Napkin Preview

4th September 2018
You hear about it first: we'd like Artisans to be the first to know about the forthcoming Retain My Dignity™ Adult Napkin.
These napkins are made using the Kids Apron template and as always - double thick, reversible and with a Retain My Dignity™ woven fabric label.
We reckon this product has the potential to have a major impact on the Retain My Dignity™ Artisan offering:
1. It is amazingly quick and easy to make.
2. Although we will sell our napkins in packs of three - Artisans may consider pricing them individually, giving them a lower price point and potentially undercut the 'official' napkin.
3. These napkins give you a better 'toe in the door' at your local Care Home and will make a fabulous product to give as a free sample.

Retain My Dignity