Retain My Dignity™ Artisan USP

15th September 2018
What is a USP? If you were to watch Dragon's Den you would regularly hear reference to USP, which is a Unique Selling Point.

So what is the USP of a Retain My Dignity™ Artisan? Well there are certainly three to consider:

1. Price. It would be your privilege to undercut the price of the official products. It would also be your privilege to charge MORE than the official product, but price is a pretty weak USP.
2. Retain My Dignity™ Artisan products are available in more fabric options than the official products. A strong USP and definitely worth a mention.
3. Retain My Dignity™ Artisan products are Hand Made. This is the one to focus on with the other two to add to your message. And do so at every opportunity.

Whatever you decide to do with your Retain My Dignity™ Artisan products - don't forget to promote your USP's.

Retain My Dignity