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16/05/19 - Why iLiv?Peter Lees Fabrics has embraced iLiv since it was first launched in 2013. Free samples, stylish designs, great ideas and great photography - we created our website to make the most of these features. At the same time we created the ..
14/05/19 - Fire Retardant Fabrics WorldwideFeel safe and protected with British Standard Fire Retardant Fabrics. Whether it's for the home or for the commercial sector iLiv Fire Retardant Fabrics are world renowned: 1. Buy in £'s sterling and save. 2. Fabric samples FR..
13/05/19 - Best on the market for iLivOur service for iLiv fabrics is now more comprehensive than ever: 1. Free samples 2. Free Delivery 3. Next day service available. 4. Every fabric in the iLiv collections available. 5. Includes every collection of iLiv curtain fa..
10/05/19 - What is Nurture?The dictionary meaning is to 'care for and protect' But surely it can have a slightly different meaning to different people in different circumstances. It could apply to a parent, partner or child. It could come in the form of feed..
09/05/19 - Symbol For NurtureWhat is the Symbol for Nurture ? Who is it for and what does it mean? 'To care for and take care of, protect, raise, support, feed, nourish, mentor, stimulate, help, cherish, develop, craft and strengthen.' As a symbol it repre..

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