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16/12/18 - The Secret Ingredient™ Apron for CarersThe Secret Ingredient ™ Apron is not just for aspiring chefs. It's perfect for Carers and sends a powerful message to those you care for. Visit Retain My Dignity Secret Ingredient ™ #justaddnurture..
16/12/18 - The Secret Ingredient™ Apron and Felix RecipesThe Secret Ingredient ™ Apron and Felix' recipes are a perfect way to involve teenagers; to appreciate and cook world cuisine. All the recipes are made completely from scratch and Felix shows you how to create authentic home cooked foo..
13/12/18 - Old People's Home for 4yr OldsThe recent Channel 4 television programme 'Old People's Home for Four Year Olds' featuring kids visiting Care Homes has ignited interest in Intergenerational Care. We couldn't have hoped for a better scenario for Care Homes and Day Nur..
15/11/18 - Felix Stanley with Beth on Fraser Island AustraliaFelix met and fell for Beth whilst they were both working on Fraser Island, with task of feeding all the staff on the holiday complex. They left the island not long before the arrival of Harry and Meghan. The beginnings of Secret In..
15/11/18 - Felix Stanley in search of new cuisine.Felix with a fellow traveller in Vietnam. Sometimes you have have to go out and about to learn first hand about authentic food and find Secret Ingredient ...

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