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01/09/18 - US Crafters and Dressmakers Social Media GroupsWe at Peter Lees Fabrics are currently looking for Crafters and Dress Makers to make and sell our Retain My Dignity ™ Adult and Kids Aprons. So if you're in a social media group please spread the word. We provide FREE fabric to get you..
01/09/18 - Dignity For EldersA stylish alternative to the demeaning bib. The Retain My Dignity ™ Apron was designed to do the job of a bib without a bib. This stylish 'modern vintage' apron has the look of clothing so it isn't embarrassing to wear. Now available i..
31/08/18 - New Retain My Dignity™ Kids Bib ApronsA new addition has been launched - the fourth option of the Retain My Dignity ™ Kids Bib Aprons. This comes as a pack of two. Click this link to view:
31/08/18 - Free Retain My Dignity™ Kids Trial Bib ApronsPeter Lees Fabrics are currently sending out free trial Retain My Dignity ™ Kids Bib Aprons to Day Nurseries in UK and USA. Any Day Nurseries who would like a free Retain My Dignity ™ Kids Bib Apron - please E mail us via the Contact U..
18/08/18 - Artisans Noticeboard LaunchesPeter Lees Fabrics have launched a dedicated Artisans noticeboard, with news and information on all Artisan related activities. If you're interested in becoming a Retain My Dignity Artisan, then the artisans noticeboard will give yo..

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