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23/10/13 - Made to Measure Curtain QuoteThe hardest part about redecoration is choosing the correct combination of colours, textures and patterns. So Peter Lees offers hundreds of types of fabric and curtain material on its website, in all sort of finishes, colours, patterns..
28/08/13 - Free iLiv Fabric SamplesOur sampling service does not just include the UK. We offer a postal service worldwide for just 3.00 pounds sterling for three samples and so you can try before you buy - anywhere in the world!..
21/06/13 - iLiv Stocks are improving.Due to high demand certain packaged items have been out of stock but the situation is improving with regular deliveries...
21/06/13 - A Summer Sale is now on.The discontinuation of certain collections has generated discounts of up to 75% on certain items. See the Sale section. When it's gone, it's gone...

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Due to the weak British Pound £1.00 per metre roughly equates to US$1.00 per yard. Just remember 1.0 metre is over 39".
Please be aware for ethical reasons we do not sell or send curtain lining or heading tape overseas