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Trolls are Cyber Bullies

12th July 2022
We recently posted our blog to increase awareness of Morale, a newly founded British Messaging App.

Morale App fits with the Peter Lees philosophy to promote good Mental Health. It allows only positive messaging from known contacts who must have been approved. This prevents cyber bullying of the young and vulnerable.

You see there's a bully out there on Social Media. He targets not only individuals but also business or brands who are too professional to fight him back.

He’s called the Troll.

The Troll hides behind their phone or computer screen to post disparaging and personal comments for amusement.

Is it not time to stop the practise and show a little more courtesy and kindness? Or have we lost our traditional values?

Everyone will have come across the Troll and his negative and sometimes rude posts. Instead of letting it pass - is this the time to respond and shame all Trolls to prevent the bullying? Tell them the posts are totally unnecessary and not welcome?

Peter Lees Fabrics is pursuing a cause to protect the vulnerable and try to bring about a culture change on social media. #stoptrolling.


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