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What is Boucle?

24th June 2023
Boucle is back!

Boucle is soft, sometimes even fleecy and Teddy Bear like, with a nubbly texture which can vary from tight to thick and chunky.

Boucle was made famous by Coco Chanel in the 50’s and to this day is very much a ‘cat walk’ fabric which now includes for interiors.

It is absolutely ‘on trend’ and featured in many of the Interior magazines. Boucle brings warmth, coziness and texture to any interior and fits well with the Peter Lees concept of Nurture.

Working well in many environments from mid century to modern, it is the epitome of Scandi ‘Hygge’, encompassing contentment and quiet comfort.

Although often used for cushions and throws, the addition of nylon in the authentic wool boucle makes it even harder wearing for upholstery and it’s inherently Fire Retardant.

As curtains, wool boucle offers inherent thermal qualities and a tactile, homely ‘cocooning’ result. It drapes beautifully and is famed for it’s acoustic absorption, perfect for bedrooms, street facing windows and rooms with hard flooring.

Authentic Wool Boucle is for the connoisseur and costly but can be sourced inexpensively in the Peter Lees Roll Ends section, with roll ends varying from 4.0m to 15.0m and very affordable. Many of the roll ends work out at or under £10.00m.


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