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Printed Velvet Fabrics for Curtains and Upholstery

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iLiv Catalina Printed Velvet Cinnamon£9.00m

iLiv Victorian Glasshouse Printed Velvet Moonlight£9.00m

iLiv Forever Spring Printed Velvet Eau de Nil£9.00m

iLiv Andora Printed Velvet Cinnamon£9.00m

iLiv Andora Printed Velvet Iris£9.00m

iLiv Klee Curtain Fabric Autumn£25.00m

iLiv Klee Curtain Fabric Mulberry£25.00m

iLiv Klee Curtain Fabric Indigo£25.00m

iLiv Klee Curtain Fabric Sand£25.00m

iLiv Klee Curtain Fabric Jewel£25.00m

iLiv Khiva Curtain Fabric Carnelian£25.00m

iLiv Khiva Curtain Fabric Haze£25.00m

iLiv Khiva Curtain Fabric Spruce£25.00m

iLiv Kasbah Curtain Fabric Forest£29.00m

iLiv Kasbah Curtain Fabric Navy£29.00m

iLiv Kasbah Curtain Fabric Anthracite£29.00m

iLiv Kasbah Curtain Fabric Ink£29.00m

iLiv Enchanted Garden Fabric Lagoon£29.00m

iLiv Enchanted Garden Fabric Pistachio£29.00m

iLiv Enchanted Garden Fabric Pampas£29.00m

iLiv Enchanted Garden Fabric Damson£29.00m

iLiv Enchanted Garden Fabric Parchment£29.00m

iLiv Enchanted Garden Fabric Chintz£29.00m

iLiv Botanical Studies Curtain Fabric Orchid£31.00m

iLiv Botanical Studies Curtain Fabric Riviera£31.00m

iLiv Botanical Studies Curtain Fabric Rosella£31.00m

iLiv Botanical Studies Curtain Fabric Olive£31.00m

iLiv Botanical Studies Curtain Fabric Seaspray£31.00m

iLiv Botanical Garden Fabric Rosedust£31.00m

iLiv Botanical Garden Fabric Aegean£31.00m

iLiv Botanical Garden Fabric Sky£31.00m

iLiv Botanical Garden Fabric Tapestry£31.00m

iLiv Botanical Garden Fabric Pistachio£31.00m

iLiv Botanical Garden Fabric Everglade£31.00m
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