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To locate a specific ILIV fabric please use the search bar above but if you still can't find the fabric - please use our ILIV Bespoke page.

We are so confident in our ILIV pricing Peter Lees Fabrics Pricematch Guarantees all ILIV fabrics and Made to Measure curtains.

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We ship iLiv Fabrics throughout the EU including Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.

Welcome to the world of iLiv. iLiv Fabric Collections are described as thoughtfully designed and influenced by trends and techniques from every Continent, including the protection of the environment through their vast selection of Sustainably Sourced fabrics.

What makes an iLiv curtain and upholstery fabric Collection?

It is an accurate observation that fabrics and soft furnishings are crucial in turning a house into a home. Peter Lees Fabrics embrace this with the Interior Design for Wellbeing philosophy and have teamed with iLiv Fabrics to make choosing curtains easy.

Peter Lees Fabrics are specialists in iLiv fabrics.

In collaboration with the iLiv designers Peter Lees Fabrics is the only site on the worldwide web which accurately shows the correct fabric combinations created by the iLiv designers for each and every iLiv Collection.

So you know precisely how to create the authentic iLiv look. Not only is this fail safe but it gives you the freedom to make your individual iLiv choices within each iLiv collection. No other website offers this feature. You can also view the iLiv Trend Videos available with most iLiv collections and found on each individual iLiv Collection page.

Here is a glossary of terms and other industry jargon to help you navigate the fabric collections and help you decide what is your unique and personal style.

Interior Design Terms

Bespoke - individual
Biophilic - brings the outdoors in
Boho - creative, carefree, unconventional
Co-ordinating fabric - using small, medium and large scale patterns
Colour wheel - shows the relationship between primary, secondary and tertiary colours
Complementary colours according to a colour wheel. For example red and green, blue and orange, purple and yellow.
Eclectic - mix of design aesthetics
Inspired - harmonious design
Hygge - all about cozy
Refined - complementary
Honest - not contrived
Layered - interest through various elements
Elevated - kicked up a notch
Chic - you know you'll like it
Artistic - unstructured or unexpected
Tailored - clean lines. Not fussy
Edited - minimal without being cold
Aspirational - matches a lifestyle goal
Whimsical - adds humour
Patina - character markings
Moody - dark and textured
Reimagined - reinterpreted
Clean - linear style , unfussy
Conversational - a little crazy
Timeless - not currently trendy, won't date
Curated - draws from distinct historical style
Textured - mixed patterns
Nature Inspired - from the great outdoors.
Sustainable - made from materials which are maintained at a certain rate or level.
Minimal - using the bare essentials to create a simple and uncluttered space
Maximal - an eclectic and chaotic array of colors, prints and textures
Maximal minimalism - don't even ask!

Common Fabric Patterns

Block Repeat - basic grid
Brick Repeat - half brick
Diamond Repeat
Ogee Repeat - like Diamond but rounded or tear drop
Random Repeat
Stripe Repeat - gives a stripe appearance
Dot Repeat
Plaid or Check Repeat

Fabric Terms

Animal Print to make a statement but go with anything
Basketweave can complement minimalist style
Batik - Indonesian or Malaysian ethnic style
Brocade - luxuriously embossed flowers or arabesque patterns with threads in different colours to create an elegant and classic style
Check - Farmhouse Modern or Country Design. Or adds country twist to urban spaces.
Chenille - velvety surface with a short thick pile creates a vintage ambience
Chevron - zig zag stripes add a contemporary flair. Brings new life to classic. Tonal or contrasting.
Chinoiserie - Chinese motifs of florals, animals and pagodas. Highly decorative.
Chintz - usually exuberant or elegant florals. Informal fresh feminine. Country House. Sophisticated nature.
Damask - classical, dramatic and rich looking. Perfect in Jewel tones.
Ditsy - typically but not always small flowers. Small scale. All over whimsical. Non geometric or linear. Fits country or city.
Flame Stitch - popular in the 60's with a psychedelic element. Funky and Retro.
Jacquard - classical to recreate the look of a damask or brocade.
Fleur de Lys - stylised and gives a French Country vibe.
Floral - comes in any scale but always beautiful and fresh. Uplifting.
Geometric - anything using shapes in repetition.
Gingham - a more complex check with shading. Usually two or three shades. Great accent pattern.
Harlequin - alternating diamonds.
Herringbone - similar to Chevron
Houndstooth - handsome and masculine
Ikat - gives a tie died hazy look. South Asian inspired result.
Linen Union - hard wearing linen cotton blend suits country interiors
Medallion - asymmetrical diamondesque motifs
Ogee - trellis looking with curves to give eclectic boho vibe
Paisley - tear drop with a curved upper end for bohemian spaces. Adds a twist to classic.
Plaid works well in any space from modern to traditional.
Polka Dot - a subtle way to add colour
Stripes - often used to compliment or contrast other furnishings. Can be used to elongate.
Ticking - linen or cotton typically with stripes
Toile de Jouy - typically cotton with a plain white or cream background and complex pastoral scene. Creates a Country House look or contemporary with a vintage twist.
Trellis - works well with other patterns without competing
Velveteen - synthetic velvet
Voile - translucent to give security and privacy without blocking out light. Very elegant, they add calm and create a cool ambience to any interior and prevent fading.

Design Movements

Impressionist - bright and dappled colour. Painterly
Post Impressionist - more solid than original but also using bright colours
Arts and Crafts - typically artistic and intricate hand crafted such as William Morris
Art Nouveau - asymmetrical and ornamental rather than pictorial. Rennie Mackintosh was an example.
Bauhaus - a functional design aesthetic that took a less is more approach.
Minimalism - less is more
Maximalism - more is more

Fabric Weight

Depends on density of weave and composition of the fabric. Finer weight does not always equate to a softer drape.

Weight is measured in grams per sq metre except in the USA where weight is measured in ounces per sq yard. For our US customers please use one of the conversion website on the web or the table below.

Very light - up to 135g or 4oz
Light - 135g to 200g or 6oz
Medium - 200g to 270g or 8oz
Medium - Heavy 270g to 340g or 10oz
Heavy - 340g to 400g or 12 oz
Very Heavy - over 400g is over 12oz

To Convert Fabric approx price from Pounds Sterling per metre to US$ per yard just add 15%

Fabric Durability

Martingale Rub Test measures the durability of a fabric and therefore determines its suitability or use, especially in upholstery.

Up to 10,000 - decorative only
10 to 20,000 - light domestic for occasional furniture
20 to 25,000 - general domestic
25 to 30,000 - heavy domestic
Over 30,000 - commercial use

Understanding Fabric Content

There are three basic fabric types:

Plant Based includes cotton, linen, hemp, jute, bamboo. Dyed easily.

Animal Based includes silk, wool and hair. Can be elastic and take dye easily.

Synthetic can take many forms such as polyester although the impact on the environment is a negative. Price and durability is a benefit of polyester.

Viscose (Rayon in USA) is a slight anomaly:

1. Semi synthetic fabric made from wood pulp using chemicals to create a cheaper alternative to silk.
2. Light weight and lustrous with a soft drape and handle.
3. Conveys luxury at a lower cost.
4. Blends with natural and synthetic fabrics but does have an environmental impact. Use of sustainable forestation will benefit.
5. More delicate fabric than polyester

Dyeing and Printing of Fabrics

Piece dyed after manufacture
Yarn dyed before manufacture
Woven In

What makes an iLiv Sustainable Fabric?

A Sustainable Fabric will be Sustainably Sourced in the case of natural fibres, whereby production costs and the impact on the environment are kept to a minimum, or Recycled in the case of synthetic materials.

Natural Fibres:

Bamboo is biodegradeable and does not require fertilisation.

Linen is made from Flax and is also biodegradeable without the nned for fertilization.

Hemp is a cannabis plant, is quick growing and does not exhaust the soil or require pesticides. Often used in place of cotton.

Organic Cotton is made without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, often Fairtrade Certified.

Fairtrade Certified involves focus on ensuring workers and producers get fair terms and good prices/wages. Promotes worker security and self sufficiency.

Recycled Polyester:

Made from recycled plastic that has been broken down into fibres.

As a brand ILIV are proud to be at the forefront of the fabrics industry with their ever growing collection of Sustainable Fabrics.

Peter Lees Fabrics ship iLiv Fabrics across the world including USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Samples are available in all iLiv fabrics and posted out worldwide for a nominal postal charge.

This website is set up to add subsidised and affordable worldwide delivery charges at the Checkout with no need to E mail. This allows iLiv orders to be placed in real time irrespective of time zones.

Making up service available with quotes assessed by a real person and sent by individual E mail link to your Inbox. Questions can be answered irrespective of your time zone.

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Alchemy Fire Retardant



Art Deco

Arts and Crafts


Astro Upholstery


Book 7



Cairngorm Upholstery







Chatsworth Fire Retardant

Copenhagen Fire Retardant


Country Journal

Country Living Fire Retardant

Country Manor


Enchanted Garden


Exotic Garden Fire Retardant

Expression Fire Retardant

Fiorella Fire Retardant

Forever Spring






Imprint Fairtrade


Kanbina Fire Retardant





Manpura Fire Retardant


Mayfield Fire Retardant


Melrose Fire Retardant





Nostalgia Fire Retardant






Rain Forest



Sea and Sand


Serene Fire Retardant

Serenity Fire Retardant

Silk Road





The Observatory


Victorian Glasshouse

Water Meadow

Winter Garden
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The entire iLiv Collections are available by the metre or Made to Measure. Both with FREE UK delivery.

The website will automatically apply International delivery charges for iLiv samples, iLiv fabric orders and iLiv Made to Measure at the Checkout. So time differences don't matter: you can conclude your iLiv order online without delay and without the need to E mail for quotes.

Choosing curtain fabric can be a bit of a minefield. Many fabric websites contain a bewildering array of fabric but make no effort to make choosing fabric easy. There are two ways of choosing your iLiv fabric - by Collection via this page, or by colour.

iLiv Collections are quite unique within the fabric and soft furnishings industry: not only do they create various looks, they also provide fabric combinations so you can be individual whilst still knowing the fabric combinations work together. It is a win win. Individuality but with the confidence of knowing the iLiv designers would approve of your choices, and the result will always work.

Peter Lees Fabrics website is unique in the way it is both easy and simple to navigate but best of all is the photography. Many websites have no images and others have computer generated. There is nothing better than actual Roomshot photography to help you visualise the iLiv collections in your own home.
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