Nurture™ Houseplant Item 5243

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Meet Chama - King of the Rainforest

Air Purifying. Popular and easy maintenance palm.

When They’re Gone - They’re Gone.

Makes a great gift with a Secret Ingredient Apron

Care B

Light : Display indoors in good natural light but not direct sunlight.

Temp : Avoid draughts or excessive heat or cold. 15 - 25c is ideal

Water : Keep moist but not waterlogged. Allow to dry out between watering. Mist regularly. Water sparingly in winter using warm water.

Tip : An 'under watered' plant will recover. An 'over watered' plant will not.

Feed : Once or twice per month in Spring/Summer with any houseplant feed

Origin : South America
Pot Size
19 cms
70 cms