Nurture™ Outlet. Jemma The Feng Shui House Whisperer

5th July 2021
Born and raised in South Africa Jemma moved over to the UK to meet her extended family and it wasn't long before she was working in sales more specifically Security Distribution covering the UK working with large Multi National Companies and done so for 10 years .

During that time Jemma spent time travelling in Asia on holidays and is where she quickly discovered the Buddhists gentle approach to life which resonated with her almost immediately.

Looking deeper into Asian culture is where she stumbled across Feng Shui and that is when the penny dropped and offered a clear direction on how she could incorporate the two into her life and as they say the rest is history.

Fast forward to now where Jemma is now a qualified Feng Shui Advisor after studying under Howard Choy at the ECOFS and working with both commercial and residential clients helping them to form a connection whether it be with their home or business .

Applying Feng Shui principles are simple yet effective and rely on a trusted formula of Balance and Harmony within your environment through the use of colour, plants, fabrics and natural materials.

If you have a project where you are looking for inspiration or insight into what direction to consider please feel free to contact me for a 10min taster session where I can help you ascertain if Feng Shui will benefit you and what to expect in a consultation and report.


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