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Basmati Rice Reviews

In India we put a little oil in the rice water. This stops the rice becoming mushy.
Instagram @foodiction_bruh
I'm having a go at this Lemon Rice later!!
Isn't it just easy once you know how! Mark L.
So that's how you do it! Now I know the formula it makes me feel pretty stupid to have been making such a hash (literally) of it for so long. Not brave enough to try Sarah on the old lemon rice yet Felix! Richard.
You can only go wrong here if you add the wrong amount of water. Grains should be soft but remain individual if you know what I mean?

Once you've made Basmati successfully you will realise just how easy it is.

Use Lemon Rice as an option with curries containing yoghurt cream butter or coconut. Also curries where the meat is a little fatty. Lamb for example.

Omit any lemon or lime juice ingredient in a dish where you intend to serve Lemon Rice.

Garnish with a little Anoushka Shankar for maximum effect? Careful here guys. Lemon Rice is very good. Serve and watch.
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