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Bobís Perfect Curry Reviews

In my opinion Bob has hit on something here.

This is a curry that you could serve to those who don't particularly like curry. And it's so much more interesting than a Korma normally eaten by non curry lovers.

The fusion between east and west is very evident although personally I served mine much less reduced than Bob's image.

Mine was also lighter in colour which gave it a more authentic Sri Lankan vibe. Maybe mine was more generous with the turmeric?

Each to their own but this dish is definitely worth a shout. Hats off Bob.

This is a real fusion of cuisine Bob and there's more knowledge than you're admitting to!

And I also suspect there will be more Reviews about making the dish than the dish itself! Great fun. Bring it on.

Thanks for letting us have the benefit Bob. And thanks for all the recommends!

Despite the traditional British combination of pork and apples - there is a Sri Lankan influence here. Elephants love apples..

Cook the pork long and slow but you'll need more cider for the chef.

I hope enjoy making it.

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