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Butter Chicken Reviews

This is a show stopper! If it doesn't become everyone's flagship dish I will be amazed. I just just nodded modestly when my wife said how good it was but I was punching the air on the inside. Brilliant! Steve.
This is my slant on the justifiably legendary Butter Chicken. Unlike some recipes there's no marinating and it's all done in one pan rather than pan and oven.

Butter Chicken is believed to be the origin of the popular Chicken Tikka and Chicken Tikka Masalla.

I have reduced the quantity of butter from my original recipe for obvious reasons, so don't be tempted to reduce any further otherwise your dish won't be worthy of the name.

Conversely for a very rich dish and to impress a larger group, use more butter and serve as a taster portion with bread.

Use ground almonds for a smoother texture. Crushed cashew nuts are also an authentic variation.

Enjoy but don't be tempted to eat too much of this dish!

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