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Jimís Perfect Stew Reviews

Inspired choice Felix!! Your world travels have served you well. Due to current restrictions I couldn't get hold of the magic spice so used the Indian equivalent garam masala. Such a fruity taste hasn't hit my taste buds since 1997. Incredible depth of flavours with the dates, lemon and honey. I'll be licking my lips for hours, thank you!
Hello Jim.
I have to admit my experience of the spice mix Ras El Hanout isn't from my own travels - it's from one of my Mum's signature dishes which was from a cook book and very similar.
Thanks Jim...and Mum.

Yes I know this isn't a curry but when I saw Felix's melted onion method I knew it would work perfectly as an alternative to my usual tagine method for making this dish. I learnt it from my Moroccan colleagues whilst working in the south of a France. I hope you like it.
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