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This is a busy website and we get a lot of roll ends. Consequently we sell them worldwide online and opened the Factory Shop. Feel free to Come Inside or take the full Virtual Tour. Also three months later.

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Why buy a curtain fabric roll end?

Curtain Fabric Roll Ends can be a great buy and often represent great value for money.

A fabric business which sells lots of fabric will generate lots of fabric roll ends. These fabric roll ends need to be cleared because otherwise they will just accumulate. And that's not good business.

The great thing about these accumulated fabric roll ends is that they are usually the latest designs and best selling fabrics.

As a general rule the smaller the fabric roll end - the bigger the discount. However, apart from say cushion covers and small Roman Blinds, the smaller fabric roll ends have fewer uses.

So the trick is to find a fabric store or website which sells their roll ends while they are still big enough to make a pair of curtains. The price per metre of fabric on the roll end will work out much less than buying the fabric 'from the roll'.

This is a win win situation for everyone. The fabric business clears it's roll ends and the customer gets the latest fabrics at a bargain price.

Even if you don't really need all of the fabric on the roll end - you should still save money and you can use up the rest of the roll to make cushion covers or a bed throw or whatever takes your creative fancy.

'I was concerned that, as I was buying a 'roll end' , there may be some sort of issue with the quality/condition of the fabric.
I should not have worried. The fabric was well packaged - rolls being used to prevent creasing - and of excellent quality and condition.
I would highly recommend Peter Lees Fabrics and would order again without hesitation.'

Pamela H.

To avoid waste we discount these roll ends while there is still enough fabric to make a pair of curtains and our roll ends can be up to 15.0m in length.

Designer fabric roll ends are delivered on the roll not folded. Affordable worldwide delivery charges applied at the Checkout without the need to E mail.

Scroll down for our fabulous 20.0m half roll offers with massive discounts.

To approximately convert Pounds to US$ just add 25% and remember 1 metre is over 39"!
Roll Ends

Item 2953 Roll End 4.0m£15.00

Vintage Toile Sepia Canvas Roll End 5.0m£20.00

Dottie Canvas Red Roll End 7.0m£25.00

Item 1243 Wool Roll End 5.5m£25.00

Buckingham Charcoal Roll End 10.0m£30.00

Decadent Jacquard Duck Egg Roll End 10.0m£30.00

Decadent Jacquard Moon Roll End 10.0m£30.00

Honeycombe Curtain Fabric Silver Roll End 10.0m£30.00

Indulgent Jacquard Taupe Roll End 10.0m£30.00

Item 2955 Roll End 10.0m£30.00

Item 3111 Roll End 4.0m£30.00

Item 3112 Roll End 10.0m£30.00

Item 3123 Roll End 4.5m£30.00

Item 3124 Roll End 3.0m£30.00

Item 3156 Roll End 4.0m£30.00

Linen Leaf Duckegg Roll End 10.0m£30.00

Plain Canvas Purple Roll End 10.0m£30.00

Shimmer Black Roll End 10.0m£30.00

Shimmer Gilt Roll End 10.0m£30.00

Chunky Linen Black Roll End 7.0m£35.00

Item 1241 Roll End 12.0m£35.00

Item 2654 Roll End 5.0m£35.00

Item 3026 Roll End 10.0m£35.00

Item 3031 Roll End 10.0m£35.00

Item 3032 Roll End 10.0m£35.00

Linen Leaf Claret Roll End 12.0m£35.00

Dauphine Tapestry Roll End 9.5m£40.00

Item 1246 Wool Roll End 8.0m£40.00

Item 3128 Roll End 10.0m£40.00

Item 3129 Roll End 10.0m£40.00

Item 3130 Roll End 10.0m£40.00

Item 3131 Roll End 10.0m£40.00

Item 3132 Roll End 10.0m£40.00

Item 3133 Roll End 10.0m£40.00

Item 3134 Roll End 10.0m£40.00

Item 3135 Roll End 10.0m£40.00

Item 3136 Roll End 10.0m£40.00

Item 3137 Roll End 10.0m£40.00

Item 3138 Roll End 10.0m£40.00

Item 3139 Roll End 10.0m£40.00

Item 3140 Roll End 10.0m£40.00

Item 3141 Roll End 10.0m£40.00

Item 3142 Roll End 10.0m£40.00

Item 3143 Roll End 10.0m£40.00

Item 2698 Roll End 9.0m£45.00

Item 3025 Roll End 13.0m£45.00

Floris Tapestry Red Roll End 13.0m£50.00

Item 1244 Wool Roll End 10.0m£50.00

Item 1245 Wool Roll End 10.0m£50.00

Item 2258 Roll End 7.0m£50.00

Item 2775 Roll End 6.0m£50.00

Item 2839 Roll End 6.0m£50.00

Item 2878 Roll End 7.0m£50.00

Item 2895 Roll End 9.0m£50.00

Item 3116 Roll End 6.0m£50.00

Item 3118 Roll End 7.0m£50.00

Juliet Taupe Roll End 15.5m£50.00

Linen Fan Chartreuse Roll End 16.0m£50.00

Item 2608 Roll End 7.0m£55.00

Andes Tapestry Roll End 15.0m£60.00

Item 1184 Taffeta Roll End 20.0m£60.00

Item 2870 Roll End 10.0m£60.00

Item 2956/SSON Roll End 10.0m£60.00

Item 2994 Roll End 10.0m£60.00

Item 2995 Roll End 7.0m£60.00

Item 3011 Roll End 6.0m£60.00

Item 3110 Roll End 15.0m£60.00

Item 3121 Roll End 6.0m£60.00

Item 3125 Roll End 8.0m£60.00

Item 2300 Roll End 8.0m£64.00

Item 2683 Roll End 8.0m£64.00

Item 2729 Roll End 8.0m£64.00

Item 2863 Roll End 8.0m£64.00

Item 2259 Roll End 8.0m£65.00

Item 2315 Roll End 9.0m£65.00

item 2945 Roll End 13.0m£65.00

Item 3009 Roll End 9.0m£65.00

Item 2951 Roll End 7.0m£70.00

Item 2971 Roll End 8.0m£70.00

Item 3039 Roll End 10.0m£70.00

Item 3041 Roll End 10.0m£70.00

Item 3060 Roll End 10.0m£70.00

Item 3092 Roll End 10.0m£70.00

Item 3157 Roll End 7.0m£70.00

Item 3030 Roll End 9.0m£72.00

Item 2687 Roll End 8.5m£75.00

Item 2760 Roll End 9.0m£75.00

Item 2778 Roll End 8.0m£75.00

Item 3019 Roll End 10.5m£75.00

Item 3107 Roll End 8.0m£75.00

Item 3127 Roll End 8.0m£75.00

Item 2291 Roll End 9.0m£80.00

Item 2342 Roll End 10.0m£80.00

Item 2609 Roll End 9.0m£80.00

Item 2626 Roll End 10.0m£80.00

Item 2628 Roll End 10.0m£80.00

Item 2779 Roll End 9.0m£80.00

Item 2830 Roll End 9.0m£80.00

Item 2850 Roll End 10.0m£80.00

Item 2963 Roll End 10.0m£80.00
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Due to the weak British Pound £1.00 per metre roughly equates to US$1.00 per yard. Just remember 1.0 metre is over 39".
Please be aware for ethical reasons we do not sell or send curtain lining or heading tape overseas