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Roll Ends and Half Rolls

SPECIAL OFFER: buy 5 Roll Ends and receive FREE DELIVERY using Voucher Code '5rollends'. Saves £25. UK only offer.
Orders of less than 5 Roll Ends - delivery charge of £5.00 per Roll End.
All prices are for the whole Roll End or Half Roll.
Rolls are shown in price order. Lowest prices first.
Roll Ends can be up to 15.0m and only one of each is available.
More than one of each of the Half Rolls are available.

More details...

Peter Lees Factory Shop for UK Designer Fabric Half Rolls and Roll Ends up to 15.0m. We ship Closeout fabric worldwide. Free samples available where stated.

This is a busy website and we get a lot of roll ends to clear. Consequently we sell them online worldwide including the USA and New Zealand.

To avoid waste we discount these roll ends while there is still enough fabric to make a pair of curtains. Our roll ends can be up to 15.0m in length.

Why buy a curtain fabric roll end?

Curtain Fabric Roll Ends can be a great buy and often represent great value for money.

A fabric business which sells lots of fabric will generate lots of fabric roll ends. These fabric roll ends need to be cleared because otherwise they will just accumulate. And that's not good business.

The great thing about these accumulated fabric roll ends is that they are usually the latest designs and best selling fabrics.

As a general rule the smaller the fabric roll end - the bigger the discount. However, apart from say cushion covers and small Roman Blinds, the smaller fabric roll ends have fewer uses.

So the trick is to find a fabric store or website which sells their roll ends while they are still big enough to make a pair of curtains. The price per metre of fabric on the roll end will work out much less than buying the fabric 'from the roll'.

This is a win win situation for everyone. The fabric business clears it's roll ends and the customer gets the latest fabrics at a bargain price.

Even if you don't really need all of the fabric on the roll end - you should still save money and you can use up the rest of the roll to make cushion covers or a bed throw or whatever takes your creative fancy.

'I was concerned that, as I was buying a 'roll end' , there may be some sort of issue with the quality/condition of the fabric.
I should not have worried. The fabric was well packaged - rolls being used to prevent creasing - and of excellent quality and condition.
I would highly recommend Peter Lees Fabrics and would order again without hesitation.'

Pamela H.
Roll Ends and Half Rolls

Item 3475 Half Roll 10.0m£210.00

Item 3476 Half Roll 10.0m£210.00

Item 3495 Half Roll 10.0m£210.00

Item 3516 Half Roll 10.0m£210.00

Item 3517 Half Roll 10.0m£210.00

Item 3519 Half Roll 10.0m£210.00

Item 3520 Half Roll 10.0m£225.00

Item 3521 Half Roll 10.0m£225.00

Item 3522 Half Roll 10.0m£225.00
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