Peter Lees Honeycombe Curtain Fabric Lilac 25.0m with FREE lining.

£6.99 per metre
100% Polyester

SPECIAL OFFER: 140cm polycotton lining supplied FREE with this fabric - metre for metre with 'fabric only' purchases and Made to Measure.

Polycotton lining 3.00m with all other purchases.

This will not be itemised at the Checkout with 'fabric only' purchases but will be included in your delivery. With Made to Measure this will be specified.

Please ensure there's enough fabric indicated in stock before placing your order.

There's a video of this fabric on Instagram @peter_lees_fabrics. Download the App!

If you need someone local to measure and advise, make or fit curtains or blinds using our or anybody else's fabric use Instagram @curtain_makers_directory. Download the App!
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