1. Cooking is Therapeutic

Cooking is Therapeutic

Cooking is good for you! Nurture yourself and others by learning to cook.

One pan. One simple method. Over 60 healthy and 'bloke friendly' recipes.

You will be familiar with Slow TV and more recently Slow Radio? My recipes, method and videos are not dissimilar. Slow Cooking.

If you know someone who struggles with lockdown or working from home - especially a bloke who isn’t very erm ‘domesticated’ - send them a link to my Secret Ingredient page.

The Instructional Method Videos are simple. Proper blokes should cook!

This isn’t to buy. It’s free.

Click ‘View Reviews’ for an insight into the joys of cooking and share your personal experiences for the benefit of others who don’t yet cook.

E mail me for a chat or recipe recommendation.


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