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Wool and Leather

Direct from the UK Mill. Embrace the majesty of wool with it’s understated quality and qualities. Sustainable, Thermal, Water Repellent and Fire Retardant. Suitable for drapery, upholstery and apparel. Natural fabrics are a Design Trend for 2023. We ship Wool Closeout Fabric worldwide.

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There’s nothing quite like the comforting feeling you get from wool fabric. Soft to the touch and of course the contentment of ‘snuggling down’ when it’s cold outside.

Wool is the ultimate thermal fabric. No need for Thermal lining or Interlining. Wool will keep you warm naturally and stop the draughts.

It’s environmentally friendly because it’s naturally occurring and it’s biodegradable.

Suitable for drapery due to its softness, and for upholstery because it’s hard wearing, and Fire Retardant without the need for expensive FR treatment.

Types of Wool.

Merino Wool is cultivated from the merino sheep in Spain, Australia, and New Zealand. Merino wool is a soft wool type that possesses extreme body temperature regulation.
If you’re looking for the softest wool that can suit your various needs, merino wool is a favourite choice. This luxurious wool makes up for 1% of the world’s fibre for apparel. Its shine and luxurious look makes it the finest and trendy fabric for vintage bedding and clothing.
Alpaca wool, a medium-weight type of wool, can be worked in different ways to make coats, blankets, lining for outerwear, and bedspreads. Alpaca wool is made from two types of Alpaca breeds: Suri, the silkiest, and Huacaya fleece, which is thicker. Therefore, Suri can be used in woven material, while Huacaya fleece can be used in knit fabrics.
Camel hair wool is a luxurious wool type because of its warmth and natural golden brown shade of colour. Combining this wool with other less expensive wool types gives it a much softer feel, making it more affordable. The popularity of camel hair coats can be traced back to the 1920s when polo players used them. Even now, camel's soft wool type is used to make coats and other apparel.
Angora wool is sourced from Angora rabbits is soft and fluffy. It's among the most popular types of wool with superior moisture-wicking ability and insulation capability. Products made from Angora wool are stylish and warm. Angora wool should be your preferred choice if you're looking for the warmest wool.
Cashmere wool comes Cashmere goats, including those from Kashmir. It is one of the most luxurious of the different types of wool fabric. It features higher levels of natural crimp, making it one of the softest and most lightweight types of wool.
Melton wool. If you're seeking the best type of wool on the market, Melton wool should be your top consideration because of its strength, durability, and warmth. While it contains thick wool fibres, it can also be woven into a twill-type weave.
Lambswool is often known as virgin wool, lamb's wool is one of the softest types available on the market. It's sourced from a baby's sheep only a few months old.
Worsted wool is one of the most expensive types of wool because it's high-quality. It's made from sheep's wool and is considered a more robust and versatile type of wool than its counterparts.
Mohair wool is one of the most durable types of wool that drapes well. Often, people wove it into a plain weave and use it to make dresses, baby clothing, scarves, sweaters, and more because of its heat insulation capability.
Shetland wool is sourced from sheep in the Shetland Islands of Scotland. It’s perfect for knitting something because it’s soft and durable. Besides being lightweight and warm, it comes in different natural colours compared to other types of wool.
Tropical wool is one of the coolest wools that are a perfect choice for the hot weather. It’s sourced from merino wool and has extreme thermal management properties. It's elegant, versatile, breathable, and cool to the skin.
Recycled wool is often known as "reclaimed wool" because it's a type of wool used to make a specific product and repurposed to create a new product. The wool undergoes a recycling process to tear and repun it, lowering its quality. Therefore, you can purchase clothing or other items made from recycled wool at lower prices.
Boiled wool. Wools are knitted together to create a sheet of thick, uniform material known as boiled wool. The process involves placing a wool thread on a loom and feeding it into a large weaving machine to achieve various colours.
Felt. Felted wool is a type of wool sourced from animals such as sheep and goats. The wool fibres are then cleaned and undergo a carding process to break up the jumbled clumps of wool fibre, realigning them for various uses.
Alpaca wool was used by the Peruvian people to make ponchos and decorative blankets. There are two breeds of alpaca that give their wool for weaving - the Huacaya and the Suri. Huacaya wool is thicker and used for knit fabrics and Suri wool has a silky texture and used in woven fabrics. Alpaca wool today is used for many different items including high-end suits, coats, blankets, and bedspreads.
Qiviut wool is a type of wool fabric manufactured from the hair of the musk ox. The wool fabric is eight times stronger insulative than sheep wool, notwithstanding its roughness. It is among the smoothest and warmest wools available. Qiviut wool is perfect for gloves, pants, hats, as well as other cold-weather applications.
Cheviot is a kind of wool fabric that is created from the rough hair of Cheviot sheep. This wool is usually used to describe moderate to heavy woolen fabrics with a matte surface texture. This type of wool is often used as a coating cloth.
Virgin wool is made from a lamb’s first shearing, which is also known as lamb’s wool. Virgin wool also refers to wool that has not been recycled. This wool is used for slippers, clothing items such as jumpers & home items such as blankets and rugs. It has amazing benefits like durability and softness. This wool has excellent moisture wicking also washable features.
Llama wool is super soft & remarkably light & smooth. However, it is too abrasive to wear adjacent to the skin, although it is appropriate for outerwear. It’s difficult to discover a llama breeder who produces this kind of wool. Llama fibre is used for spinning, felting, knitting, and weaving & can also be blended imaginatively with other fibres.
Border Leicester wool is named after the place of origin of the long wool breed sheep whose long fleece is used to make this beautiful fabric. It is a very durable fabric that can last a very long time. It is used for making coats and dresses.
Lightweight wool. If you think wool fabric is always thick and bulky you are wrong. For a lightweight drapey fabric made with wool fibres – there are many choices. Lightweight wool is loosely but firmly woven and hangs very beautifully. Wool Batiste is a very soft fine lightweight wool fabric. Crepe is lightweight worsted wool; Albatross is a lightweight wool fabric with a slightly crepe surface. Wool challis is also lightweight. Wool challis is a plain weave fabric and an absolute favourite for dressmaking.
Wool Chinchilla is a fabric with curled tufts or nubs on the fabric surface. This special texture is made on a chinchilla machine. First, the nap is made using the machine and then rubbed to create the rounded curled tufts.
Wool Gabardine is a firm tightly woven fabric with a diagonally ribbed surface (twill weave) on one side and smooth texture on the other. It is very durable and strong and is used to make trousers, suits, jackets, overcoats etc. It is also suitable for making bags.
Wool Loden is a water-resistant woolen material. It is used for making coats.
Wool Jersey is a water-resistant woolen material. It is used for making coats.
Boucle refers to wool fabrics with curly twisted loops on the surface. This is a result of its special construction. The curled loopy surface texture makes this fabric unique.
Broadcloth is a dense, strong wool.
Herringbone wool fabric has a distinctive zigzag weaving pattern which looks like the skeleton of a herring fish. This is a much in demand fabric for making jackets and trousers.
Wool Tweed is a very popular wool fabric best suited for making jackets, waistcoats, hats and other winter clothing. The fabric is so named after the Tweed River in Scotland where it was first made.
It may have a plain or twill weave and has an attractive check orange herringbone pattern with a subtle rough texture. It I is traditionally made from coarse homespun wool.
Subtle colour effects are seen on its surface because of the way it is made by twisting differently coloured wool strands into a two- or three-ply yarn. It is a very durable fabric, moisture-resistant, breathable and warm.
Lincoln wool fabrics is a high-quality wool fabric that is very popular for making suits and other garments. It is expensive and highly regarded for its appearance.
Flannel is a popular wool fabric in plain or twill weave which has a brushed or napped surface on either one or both sides. It is popularly used to make night wear clothes like pyjamas.
Tartan is a traditional Scottish wool cloth with a distinctive plain or check fabric pattern. The most famous use of tartan cloth is to make Scottish kilts. It is also used for making jackets, suits and skirts. 
Sharkskin is a wool fabric with a pronounced twill weave and smooth surfaced two-toned woven appearance. The yarns in warp and weft are alternated with two colors like white and another color which results in the two-toned look.

If wool is something you aspire to but can’t justify it’s high price - look no further. These Peter Lees Half Rolls and Roll Ends are very affordable. With our connections to the Northern textile industry we buy right, and pass on the savings.

Roll Ends and Half Rolls

Item 3658/2269 Roll End Bundle£100.00

Item 3688 Wool Blend 10.0m£100.00

Item 3689 Wool Blend 10.0m£100.00

Item 3690 Wool Blend 10.0m£100.00

Item 3691 Wool Blend 10.0m£100.00

Item 3692 Wool Blend 10.0m£100.00

Item 3693 Wool Blend 10.0m£100.00

Item 3694 Wool Blend 10.0m£100.00

Item 3696 Wool Blend 10.0m£100.00

Item 3697 Wool Blend 10.0m£100.00

Item 3698 Wool Blend 10.0m£100.00

Item 3712/3440 Roll End Bundle£100.00

Item 4124/2273 Roll End Bundle£100.00

Item 3195/3919 Roll End Bundle£105.00

Item 3641/2853 Roll End Bundle£105.00

Item 2679/4130 Roll End Bundle£120.00

Item 3751 Faux Boucle Half Roll 10.0m£120.00

Item 3752 Faux Boucle Half Roll 10.0m£120.00

Item 3753 Faux Boucle Half Roll 10.0m£120.00

Item 3754 Faux Boucle Half Roll 10.0m£120.00

Item 3755 Faux Boucle Half Roll 10.0m£120.00

Item 3756 Faux Boucle Half Roll 10.0m£120.00

Item 3757 Faux Boucle Half Roll 10.0m£120.00

Item 3758 Faux Boucle Half Roll 10.0m£120.00

Item 3759 Faux Boucle Half Roll 10.0m£120.00

Item 3760 Faux Boucle Half Roll 10.0m£120.00

Item 3632/3168 Roll End Bundle£130.00

Item 3647 Wool/Mohair Boucle Half Roll 10.0m£130.00

Item 3649 Wool/Mohair Boucle Half Roll 10.0m£130.00

Item 3676 Wool/Mohair Boucle Half Roll 10.0m£130.00

Item 3677 Wool/Mohair Boucle Half Roll 10.0m£130.00

Item 3679 Wool/Mohair Boucle Half Roll 10.0m£130.00

Item 3680 Wool/Mohair Boucle Half Roll 10.0m£130.00

Item 3682 Wool/Mohair Boucle Half Roll 10.0m£130.00

Item 3683 Wool/Mohair Boucle Half Roll 10.0m£130.00

Item 3684 Wool/Mohair Boucle Half Roll 10.0m£130.00

Item 3685 Wool/Mohair Boucle Half Roll 10.0m£130.00

Item 3686 Wool/Mohair Boucle Half Roll 10.0m£130.00

Item 3860/2814 Roll End Bundle£160.00
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