1. Symbol For Nurture

This is me and Beth when we first met whilst working on Fraser Island in Australia. All that way and Beth's home town is only an hour away from mine.

So what does the nurture symbol mean and who is it for?

It can be different for people in different circumstances. But I can tell you what is does not mean, and that's 'me first'.

This blog is simple and it's for those of us who don't put ourselves first.

And it's also an opportunity to make a point. Join in will you? Maybe a Facebook 'Like'? A 'Share' would be even better!

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Let's mark this day 9th May 2019 and in 3yrs time when I turn 30 we can then see whether a serious point has been made.

I hope this might nurture like my dishes which need time - 'time to simmer, time to evolve'.

Click on Secret Ingredient and take a look at my recipes. I hope you 'Like' them - 'Share' them and let's make some food!

Thanks and I hope you'll take part.