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15/06/22 - Newest iLiv Collections In StockHere at Peter Lees Fabrics we offer the full range of iLiv collections including all new releases. Why not take a look at some of the latest additions? Portland - modern classical with timeless stripes and nautical touches, brin..
04/06/22 - Designer Curtain Fabric Roll Ends WorldwidePeter Lees Fabrics is a busy website and therefore accumulates a lot of fabric roll ends. To avoid waste we sell our roll ends while there is still enough fabric to make a pair of curtains - up to 15.0m in length. That way we avo..
21/05/22 - What is New England style?Relax and unwind. Sometimes compared with Scandi and the Danish concept of Hygge - New England style works whether you live in the UK, EU, Australia, Canada, New Zealand or in the US. New England style fits with Coastal or Farmhouse..
14/05/22 - ILIV Fabrics direct from UK to USABuy designer fabrics direct from the UK. Peter Lees makes choosing curtain and drapery fabrics easy. Browse By Colour. Or view the entire ILIV Collections. Fabric combination options to help you create your own unique look. UK D..
30/04/22 - What Is Curtain Fullness?Curtain Fullness is simply the extra width in your curtains to create 'gather'. The traditional 'double fullness' adage is a little too simplistic for the various heading styles available and so we've created an 'easy to read' chart..

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Due to the weak British Pound £1.00 per metre roughly equates to US$1.00 per yard. Just remember 1.0 metre is over 39".
Please be aware for ethical reasons we do not sell or send curtain lining or heading tape overseas