iLiv Fabrics


Beige/Gold/Brown Fire Retardant


Black/White/Grey Fire Retardant


Blue/Green Fire Retardant


Lilac/Purple Fire Retardant


Multi Fire Retardant


Orange/Terracotta Fire Retardant


Pink/Red Fire Retardant

Plains Beige/Gold/Brown

Plains Beige/Gold/Brown Fire Retardant

Plains Black/White/Grey

Plains Black/White/Grey Fire Retardant

Plains Blue/Green

Plains Blue/Green Fire Retardant

Plains Lilac/Purple

Plains Lilac/Purple Fire Retardant

Plains Orange/Terracotta

Plains Orange/Terracotta Fire Retardant

Plains Pink/Red

Plains Pink/Red Fire Retardant

Upholstery Fabrics Fire Retardant

Upholstery Fabrics Non Fire Retardant
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These iLiv fabrics are arranged by colour and texture to showcase the very best of what makes them some of the finest affordable fabrics and curtains in the UK marketplace today. Chequered patterns, stripes, florals, geometrics, plain designs and more are all in stock and available in a huge variety of colours, textured finishes and homely looking aesthetics.

Whether your taste is for classy beige, gold or brown curtain fabrics, hinting at natural, warm colourings and rich, luxurious style, or for something a little more natural, reserved and understated, perhaps with a hint of beige and floral designs - something which would go very nicely in a country styled home or cottage - then iLiv Fabrics have everything that you could wish to choose from in order to renovate your home fabrics.

The iLiv Fabrics range is continually updated and highly affordable for all budgets, yet still carrying that seal of quality that you would expect when buying from us and showing that the fashionable style in home fabrics associated with the iLiv Fabrics range can be affordable for all budgets.

Browse the iLiv Fabrics range today and select some designs to inspect more closely, add to your basket and perhaps to request samples of ones which you like the look of the most. Our samples are sent out quickly to your home to allow you to choose exactly the sort of fabrics that would work in your home in combination with other colours in your room.

The iLiv brand is world renowned for offering the latest styles at value for money prices and in making the buying process as simple as possible with its /iliv-collections.

The iLiv Collections show fabric combinations put together by the iLiv designers. Each iLiv Collection comes in different 'up to the minute' colourways so you can choose the look that suits you best both in terms of style and colour and of course in price.

The iLiv Collections contain fabrics of varying price so that you can create the look at a price that suits you. You can use a more modestly priced fabric for bigger windows and combine with a more expensive fabric as a highlight, whether on Roman Blinds or cushions.

The selection of iLiv fabrics within each collection is great enough such that this can easily be achieved and allow you to be creative and make combinations within the collection that suit you.

This page offers a different approach and amongst other websites offering iLiv fabrics is quite unique. We will come to this in more detail.

This is the 'Contents' page of what's available within. So let's explain how this page works:

iLiv Fabrics are grouped by colour in plain and patterned fabrics, both in iLiv Fire Retardant and iLiv non Fire Retardant fabrics.

This means that on one page we cater for the home and the commercial sector. Of course this also offers consumers the possibility of using an iLiv Fire Retardant fabric in the home. With a number of high profile fires in recent years we believe there's peace of mind in using FR fabric in the home. Design advances at iLiv now offers stylish FR products so there's no need to compromise on aesthetics or indeed on price to feel safe.

Within each category fabrics are shown in ascending price order allowing you to easily scroll through a variety of fabrics of your chosen colour in plain or pattern, in Fire Retardant and non Fire Retardant fabric. You can draw the line at any given price per metre.

With any iLiv fabric that interest you - click on 'Request Sample'. Don't be afraid to do this with a wide variety of iLiv fabric because you can filter these later.

Once you have chosen the fabric samples of interest - these will have been collated in your Basket. You can now bring out your inner designer, create your own Mood Board and see which iLiv fabrics you want to put together. Discard the others and 'delete' from the Basket. Now 'Check Out' in the usual way and your iLiv samples will be posted out to you free of charge.

For anyone who isn't confident in choosing their iLiv fabric, this method really works. When you receive your samples simply leave put them in the room in question and we believe that within a couple of days you will instinctively know what works for you.

We mentioned in another segment that by using this method consumers can mix the iLiv branded product with the more 'value' based Peter Lees product. Use iLiv as a 'feature' fabric and Peter Lees as a 'link' or co-ordinate. Try it! It really works.

Strictly speaking the website can only process three samples per section in any one order, so if you decide you need to add more later - that's just fine.

For those customers who are looking for the full makeover - this page also includes iLiv fabrics for upholstery. These are separated into those which are already Fire Retardant and those which are not. Your upholsterer will advise you on these and he will discuss what is required in order to use the non FR.

Here's the clever bit:

iLiv Non FR upholstery fabrics are also suitable for drapery so you can use the same fabric for both. You may choose the same colour or use a different shade or colourway for the curtains or upholstery.

The iLiv FR upholstery fabrics are frequently back coated and not suitable for drapery. However the cloth may also be available in it's non Fire Retardant form under a different name. The website states where this is the case and what is the name the non FR version so you can sample this also.

It takes some getting your around but the possibilities are endless.

Finally we move on to the commercial sector.

Traditionally Contract Fabrics have not been available as mainstream or as simply or dare we modestly say as well presented as on this site. To be able to simply and affordably design your own scheme from a great selection of reasonably priced fabrics was not possible. Room set photography, free samples, small quantities, single pairs of curtains - all is now available without the need to through third parties.

Whether you're a cafe, pub, hotel, Care Home or in Sheltered Housing you can now design, get quotes for and order curtains, blinds and other soft furnishings just as easily as you can for your own home. Delivered to your door. Job done.

The Peter Lees Fabrics story would not be complete without a mention of the launch on 1st June 2019 of the new Instagram @curtain_makers_directory.

The Directory was conceived for those who want to be able to buy fabric online and still use a local service to measure and advise, to make up or to have their curtains fitted.

With the closure of many local curtain shops it's quite understandable that much of the fabric bought today is online. For many this works nicely, with the ability to order free fabric samples from the comfort of your armchair in the evening.

But not all websites offer a making service, or it may be overpriced or simply aren't comfortable about the idea of ordering bespoke from someone you don't know. Equally you may need advice and measuring or a fitting service.

The Curtain_Makers_Directory puts you in touch with local independent workrooms who will do this for you. You can see their work on their Instagram posts and you can contact them direct.

Job done? Even if you're a commercial premise - there's absolutely no reason reason why you shouldn't investigate this option.