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Secret Ingredient

Home is Sanctuary. The Nurture goal is to create a feeling of wellbeing.

Supporting the local community. Secret Ingredient Aprons are hand made by local Artisans.

Donors to Mental Health Charity.

"I just wanted to say that I am delighted with my apron. Excellent quality at a very reasonable price. It is being well used." Madeleine S.
Secret Ingredient™ - Chef's Aprons
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Cafe Society Canvas Grey Secret Ingredient™ Apron.£15.00

iLiv Maldives Secret Ingredient™ Apron Lagoon£20.00

iLiv Maldives Secret Ingredient™ Apron Cassis£20.00

iLiv Caicos Secret Ingredient™ Apron Begonia£20.00

iLiv Maldives Secret Ingredient™ Apron Reef£20.00

iLiv Caicos Secret Ingredient™ Apron Chambray£20.00

iLiv Maldives Secret Ingredient™ Apron Marine£20.00

iLiv Caicos Secret Ingredient™ Apron Mandarin£20.00

iLiv Caicos Secret Ingredient™ Apron Hessian£20.00

iLiv Aviary Secret Ingredient™ Apron Pomegranate£20.00

iLiv Aviary Secret Ingredient™ Apron Reef£20.00

iLiv Aviary Secret Ingredient™ Apron Caribou£20.00

Vintage Toile Duckegg Canvas Secret Ingredient™ Apron.£15.00

Vintage Toile Sepia Canvas Secret Ingredient™ Apron.£15.00

Dottie Navy Canvas Secret Ingredient™ Apron.£15.00

Dottie Fudge Canvas Secret Ingredient™ Apron.£15.00

Dottie Spearmint Canvas Secret Ingredient™ Apron.£15.00

Dottie Azure Canvas Secret Ingredient™ Apron.£15.00

Paisley Canvas Secret Ingredient™ Apron.£15.00

Carne Stripe Canvas Secret Ingredient™ Apron.£15.00

Sivar Noir Canvas Secret Ingredient™ Apron.£15.00

Dottie Mustard Canvas Secret Ingredient™ Apron.£15.00

Dottie Red Canvas Secret Ingredient™ Apron.£15.00

Stamp Canvas Secret Ingredient™ Apron.£15.00

Butterfly Canvas Secret Ingredient™ Apron.£15.00

Cafe Society Canvas Beige Secret Ingredient™ Apron.£15.00

Symmetry Canvas Secret Ingredient™ Apron.£15.00

Rosie Canvas Secret Ingredient™ Apron.£15.00
Secret Ingredient™ - Felix' Recipes
More details...

Felix is a professional chef of fine dining heritage and is currently working at the locally famous Grand Hotel in the seaside and renowned Fylde coast golfing location of Lytham St. Annes.

Alongside the Secret Ingredient Apron he has come up with some recipes. All the recipes follow Felix' unique and simple one pan low oil method and there's a Method video for each recipe. The method not only gives you restaurant standard food but it's healthier too.

More details...

Although in my mind's eye I see my method and recipes as appealing to the male beginner, they are suitable for everyone, with the intention that for all it will add that 'secret ingredient' to their cooking.

Tip 1: Preparing food with spices takes time and patience. Don't embark on a dish unless you have both, because the food won't be good and you won't gain the therapeutic benefits of cooking.

Tip 2: Don't cut corners. Undercooked spices taste sharp or bitter. For success accurately follow the method on the instructional video.

Tip 3: Where possible buy your spices in larger packs from Asian supermarkets or online. Some are available from your local supermarket World Food aisle. Try and avoid the overpriced small jars in the supermarket Herbs and Spices section.

Tip 4: It's best to stick to the recipe but whole spices can be substituted for ground spices and vice versa, although I don't personally use coriander seeds, mustard seeds or green cardamom pods. Remember that in exchanging whole spices for ground spices and vice versa involves swapping the segment where they should be added and will result in a different flavour. Use less for ground spices than whole spices. Try and avoid more than about 5 tsp ground spices in a paste as they will take longer to cook out.

Tip 5: Whilst fresh chillies and chilli powder can vary in strength, chilli flakes are more consistent and will therefore help you gauge your own preferences.

Tip 6: With the exception of fish and seafood, try and avoid serving a curry immediately, as it benefits from being stood. This should be for a minimum two hours and connoisseurs will serve the next day. Add water to achieve your preferred consistency when reheating. Saving leftovers for your partners's mid week lunch box always tastes awesome.

Tip 7: The same curry tastes different every time you make it or even serve it. This is normal and should be embraced as one of the mysteries and charm of cooking with spices and, always learning, turns cooking spices into a pastime for life.

Tip 8: For the benefit of others - if you've made one of my curries please add any tips or pitfalls you experienced in the Review section of that curry. Just click on View Reviews.

Tip 9: If we have added your recipe to the My Perfect Curry section, write any tips or pitfalls of your own recipe in it's Review section. Use your name and this will stay on the web page for all time. Reader - the Review of a recipe by it's author will be at the bottom. Just look for his or her name.

Tip 10: Embrace cooking for pleasure and embrace the joy of sharing food, both for you the cook and for those you cook for. It's therapy for everyone and makes cooking 'from scratch' so much more rewarding than food 'out of a jar'.

©️ Felix Stanley 2021.

1. Cooking is Therapeutic

1st stage: onions 'cooked to melting'.

Basmati Rice

Beef Bourguignon

Butter Chicken

Caribbean Chilli

Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry with Orange

Chicken Tikka Masalla

Everyday Ragu

Felix' Perfect Curry

Felix' Perfect Ragu

Mulled Beef

Onion Bhaji

Paneer Saag Curry

Pork Stroganoff

Prawn Curry

Staple Chilli

Thai Green Curry

Winter Sausage Casserole
Secret Ingredient™ - My Perfect Curry

Adam's Perfect Curry

Akum Raj Perfect Curry

Alex' Perfect Curry

Andre's Perfect Curry

Bob’s Perfect Curry

Brad's Vegan Chilli

Brad's Vegan Curry

Chris' Perfect Curry

Cookey's Perfect Curry

David's Perfect Curry

Dean's Perfect Curry

Dean's Perfect Curry

Dhama’s Perfect Curry

Glen's Perfect Curry

Grindley's Perfect Curry

Jack’s Perfect Salsa (and Chutney)

Jeremy’s Perfect Curry

Jono’s Perfect Chutney

Jyo's Perfect Curry

Jyo's Perfect Curry

Jyo's Perfect Curry

Nick’s Perfect Curry

Pete's Perfect Curry

Raj Bhalla Perfect Curry

Rodders' Perfect Curry

Rodders' Perfect Curry

Rodders' Perfect Curry

Sehej Mann Perfect Curry

Sujata Limbu's Perfect Curry

Vallo's Perfect Curry

Wayan's Perfect Curry

xx Curry Banquet Menu xx

Zaff's Perfect Curry
Secret Ingredient™ - My Perfect Ragu

Adrian’s Lockdown Soup

Barry’s Perfect Stew

Cookey's Perfect Ragu

Craig’s Lockdown Soup

Dean's Perfect Ragu

Graham’s Perfect Stew

Jim’s Perfect Stew

Marion's Lockdown Soup

Nigel’s Perfect Stew

Rodders' Perfect Ragu

Ron’s Perfect Ragu
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