Have We Lost Our Traditional Values?

18th July 2022
Traditional values reflect our responsibilities to family, spouse, parents, children, and to society.

At Peter Lees Fabrics we like to think we reflect those values: home making, caring for parents and children, nurture through healthy home made food; family wellbeing; supporting the local and the wider community.

But traditional values also stand for courtesy, consideration, honesty. That's what our customers rightly expect from us and in reciprocation we seem to attract customers of integrity.

Social media seems to hate tradition and maybe it's gone forever, but Peter Lees Fabrics has made it a cause to try and bring about culture change.

That's why we have decided as an Internet business, to make a stand against Social Media Trolls who do not represent these values. We hope our upstanding customers will help us stamp out trolling. #stoptrolling. For more details Click here


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Support us in our cause to protect the vulnerable and try to bring about culture change on social media, to encourage kindness. Click here and help #stoptrolling. No purchase or donation necessary.