How Do I Calculate How Much Fabric I Need For Curtains?

30th April 2022
Firstly you need to calculate how many 'drops' are required for your curtains. This will depend on your curtain heading and your track or pole length.

The chart below applies to standard 140 cms width fabric only and using the minimum fullness. If you prefer a more generous fullness just move up one column. For example from a 1.5 width pair to a 2 width pair.

To calculate amount of fabric 'per drop' simply add a hem allowance (say 25cms) to your finished length and multiply by the number of 'drops'. For example for a 150cms finished length allow 175 cms per drop. This is for a fabric without a Pattern Match.

If there's a Pattern Match of say 20cms, simply calculate each 'drop' at next pattern match denomination above. In this case each drop would be 180cms.


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