How To Choose Curtain Fabric?

29th April 2022
Curtains and fabric, colour and pattern are finally back in fashion. But we've been living with those cold and minimalist interiors for so long - how do we choose curtain fabric?

There's a bewildering array of curtain fabrics on the market today and websites are vast so it makes it very difficult to narrow down the selection of curtain fabric and find a curtain fabric to suit you.

That's why the first decision should be colour. Some websites don't separate the curtain fabrics by colour or on others you have to use a filter. For most people the second consideration is the curtain fabric price per metre. Once again some websites don't separate by price and on others you have to use a filter.

All this means that choosing curtain fabric can be complicated. Why should it require a degree of skill in navigating websites to narrow down the selection to what you're looking for and within your budget?

The answer lies in a website that does all of these things for automatically with no filters required. Fabrics grouped by colour and in price order.

The next requirement is to help you envisage these fabrics. Some websites simply have a fabric 'thumbnail' which is a flat image and looks like a postage stamp. There's no way of imagining what these fabrics will look like when made into curtains.

Computer generated images of the fabric as a pair of curtains offers some guidance but best of all is real photograghy. You want to be inspired with ideas! This is seldom available but it does exist.

Finally and most important - always order a fabric sample before ordering any fabric or curtains because website colour accuracy is not always good.

Choose a website which offers a personal experience and advice. Curtain Fabrics and Made to Measure Curtains are expensive today and no one wants you to get it wrong.


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