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Ways to use colour.

This isn't to buy. It's simple advice on the use of colour.

1. For a cosy room use warm colours from the top half of the wheel.
2. For a cool calm space use colours from the bottom half of the wheel.
3. For simplicity combine different shades of the same colour.
4. For harmony use colours next to each other on the wheel.
5. For vibrancy use two colours opposite each other on the wheel in 80:20 proportions.
6. Neutral colours including grey and black are at the centre of the wheel and tone colour down.
7. Use your Basket like a mood board by clicking 'Request Sample' on fabric colours of interest. This allows you to view various combinations.
8. Include patterned fabrics, upholstery fabrics and wallpapers if you wish.
9. Order the samples. It's free!
10. By using a plain colour from the fabric sections you can use the mood board to experiment with potential paint colours for walls too.

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