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The Signature Fabrics collection is arranged by colour and texture to showcase the very best of what makes Signature Fabrics some of the finest affordable fabrics and curtains in the UK marketplace today. Chequered patterns, stripes, florals, geometrics, plain designs and more are all in stock and available in a huge variety of colours, textured finishes and homely looking aesthetics.

Whether your taste is for classy beige, gold or brown curtain fabrics, hinting at natural, warm colourings and rich, luxurious style, or for something a little more natural, reserved and understated, perhaps with a hint of beige and floral designs - something which would go very nicely in a country styled home or cottage - then Signature Fabrics have everything that you could wish to choose from in order to renovate your home fabrics.

The Signature Fabrics range is continually updated and highly affordable for all budgets, with some fabrics being available for just 9 per metre, yet still carrying that seal of quality that you would expect when buying from us and showing that the fashionable style in home fabrics associated with the Signature Fabrics range can be affordable for all budgets.

Browse the Signature Fabrics range today and select some designs to inspect more closely, add to your basket and perhaps to request samples of ones which you like the look of the most. Our samples are sent out quickly to your home to allow you to choose exactly the sort of fabrics that would work in your home in combination with other colours in your room.