Nurture Houseplants

Home is Sanctuary. The Nurture goal is to create a feeling of wellbeing. We call it Interior Design for Wellbeing.

Donors to Mental Health Charity.

The all new Nurture Outlet is now open for biophilic wellbeing and to enjoy the holistic benefits. Take a Virtual Tour also three months later.

Houseplants are very much a takeaway product and we encourage customers to shop local for houseplants to team with our fabrics.

Biophilia : The 'Love of Nature'. What is Biophilic Interior Design? See the trend video bringing the outside into our homes.

Nurture™ Houseplants

I am a Houseplant Addict

Nurture™ Outlet Feedback

Nurture™ Charity Poster Item 6006 per 3£3.00

Nurture™ Houseplant Dracaena£5.00

Nurture™ Houseplant Codiaeum Variegatum 'Gold Sun'£6.00

Nurture™ Houseplant Gasterhaworthia 'Royal Highness'£6.00

Nurture™ Houseplant Hatiora Salicornioides£6.00

Nurture™ Houseplant Haworthia Limifolia£6.00

Nurture™ Houseplant Maranta Leuconeura 'Kerchoveana'£6.00

Nurture™ Houseplant Rhipsalis Baccifera 'Oasis'£6.00

Nurture™ Houseplant Rhipsalis Burchellii£6.00

Nurture™ Houseplant Sansaveria£6.00

Nurture™ Business Card Item 6004 per 175£10.00

Nurture™ Poster Item 6000 per 10£10.00

Nurture™ Poster Item 6001 per 10£10.00

Nurture™ Poster Item 6002 per 10£10.00

Nurture™ Poster Item 6003 per 10£10.00

Nurture™ Sanctuary Business Card Item 6008 per 175£10.00

Nurture™ Sanctuary Poster Item 6007 per 10£10.00

Nurture™ Houseplant Philodendron Imperial Red£14.00

Nurture™ Houseplant Tillandsia Usneoides Air Plant£15.00

Nurture™ Postcard Item 6005 per 150£15.00

Nurture™ Sanctuary Postcard Item 6009 per 150£15.00

Nurture™ Houseplant Alocasia Portodora£18.00

Nurture™ Houseplant Echevaria£19.00

Nurture™ Houseplant Sansevaria Laurentii£19.00

Item 6010 Nurture/Wellbeing Symbol Vehicle Vinyl£20.00

Nurture™ Houseplant Montsera Deliciosa£25.00

Nurture™ Houseplant Pachira Aquatica Money Tree£25.00

Nurture™ Houseplant Dracaena Marginata£35.00

Nurture™ Houseplant Codiaeum Variegatum 'Petra'£39.00

Nurture™ Houseplant Medium Pachira Aquatica Money Tree£40.00

Nurture Houseplant Large Pachira Aquatica Money Tree£55.00
Charity Donations Donors to Mental Health Charity

Due to the weak British Pound £1.00 per metre roughly equates to US$1.00 per yard. Just remember 1.0 metre is over 39".
Please be aware for ethical reasons we do not sell or send curtain lining or heading tape overseas