Nurtureā„¢ Outlet Licences Available

2nd March 2021

Over time our market research will come to reflect the demand for Nurtureā„¢ Outlets nationwide via website feedback.

Early Nurtureā„¢ Outlet Licences are available for use in store in Shops and Cafes. Cafes can still participate and reap the benefits without the need to sell fabric.

Licensees will have the use of Nurtureā„¢ branding and merchandising in store; advice on pricing; display and store layout; on how to bring customers to your door.

It takes decades of experience to create a formula that works. Retail needs footfall and knowing how to create it avoids expensive and potentially disastrous mistakes.

Nurtureā„¢ Outlet licensee's footfall and core product sales will benefit from the aura surrounding the biophilic shop interior.

Modest Licence fees will be mutually agreed between Peter Lees Fabrics and interested parties, payable direct to charity.

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