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Myself being a houseplant addict noticed an advert on facebook marketplace of a few plants for sale by these guys, little did I know they are only a short walk away from home, I checked out this website and was shocked with the plants and aesthetic therefore I had to check them out in person- so glad I did.. much better to physically be there in person to experience the plants, vibe and layout, already bought 4 plants and will be back again! Forever adding to my collection.

Tristan. Blackpool.
This sounds like a terrific idea and I've never seen fabrics and plants showcased together before. I really like your picture with the combination of fabrics and conservatory and would love to visit if I was ever in your area. A tea room/coffee shop would be great too please.
I would love a Nurture outlet near me, as it combines two big loves - fabric and plants! However, I can't imagine you would come as far as Inverness; would visit when visiting England though!
I came across this whilst researching the latest ILIV Collection Victorian Glasshouse.

Not only do I love the Collection, I love the idea of viewing fabrics alongside houseplants and I intend to incorporate biophilia in my next project. I would definitely visit a Nurture Outlet may even be interested in concept itself.

OMG yes! Ive got 42 houseplants already but a few more would do no harm
Yes I think the prospect of fabric and houseplants together sounds great

Yes I would visit and if I lived nearer to Blackpool I would make the trip. I love houseplants and I love fabrics. Never seen them under one roof before.
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