Signature Wallpaper

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Plain and Textured Wallpapers
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Our signature range is a real showpiece of our tastes, styles and designs for homes and living which means nothing is compromised and beautiful aesthetics, which often do things a little different, are at the forefront of everything. It is where we place our flagship designs - hence the name - and everything here is a proud statement of our individuality as a firm specialising in beautiful interior design.

That being said, we do not believe in placing barriers before beauty, which is why these ranges, whilst exquisitely designed and detailed, do not come with the worry of extortionate costs. We know that quality needs to be affordable to all. So if you fancy something specialist like boats or owls, we have something for you, all at a price that you'll be comfortable with. Equally, our more conventional striped and floral designs continue to be popular, though they still have that mark of Peter Lees individual quality to set them apart from the rest of the market.

The real test is whether you would have them in your home - but thankfully we offer a free sample service direct to your door, allowing you see what the colours look like in situ, and whether they complement the rest of your decor. Plus, you can feel the product itself and get a sense of its true quality in its construction and design. Nothing beats that real, tactile experience.

So if you want something individual, yet still within the conventions you have come to expect, at a price that's competitive, the choice to look at the Peter Lees Signature range makes itself. Browse the collection today and see what you might like to have posted to your door.