Artisans Noticeboard

Welcome to the new Artisans Noticeboard, where we cover FAQ's and developments for Retain My Dignity™ Artisans. Click on an article to read more...
23/10/18 - Use of Retain My Dignity™ Trade Mark and symbol.We invite Bona Fide Retain My Dignity™ Artisans to copy and paste the Retain My Dignity™ Trade Mark and symbol to use in E mails and E mail shots to promote themselves to local Care Homes and Day Nurseries. As mentioned in previous..
05/10/18 - New Wacky NapkinsYou heard it first! Any day now we will be launching our new Wacky pack of three Adult Napkins. Each pack will be different and will contain napkins where both sides are of a totally different colour. These are great fun and we conside..
20/09/18 - Retain My Dignity™ Napkins looking good!The Retain My Dignity™ Napkins have been very well received. Bill likes his!..
15/09/18 - Christmas is coming.Christmas is coming and you will have to wait 12 months for a better opportunity to sell your Retain My Dignity™ Artisan products. Not much has been made on the Artisans Noticeboard of the opportunities on social to promote and sell..
15/09/18 - Retain My Dignity™ Artisan USP'sWhat is a USP? If you were to watch Dragon's Den you would regularly hear reference to USP, which is a Unique Selling Point. So what is the USP of a Retain My Dignity™ Artisan? Well there are certainly three to consider: 1. Price..
09/09/18 - Free Napkin Ring.For any Artisans considering giving free napkin rings with their Adult Napkins - this is the one we give. Bought from Amazon, copy and paste into your browser:
09/09/18 - Adult Napkin now on the website.The official product is now available on the website and we are increasingly convinced that this product is the best starting point for new Artisans. You can cheaply drop a sample at any number of Care Homes and sell them at a competit..
04/09/18 - Retain My Dignity™ Adult Napkin PreviewYou hear about it first: we'd like Artisans to be the first to know about the forthcoming Retain My Dignity™ Adult Napkin. These napkins are made using the Kids Apron template and as always - double thick, reversible and with a Retain..
24/08/18 - Which fabrics should I choose for my aprons?It's your choice but we suggest you start with the Kids Aprons template and use the best seller 'Heffalump'. Then and add your own choices so as to be different from the official aprons...
23/08/18 - Autumn is just around the corner.It's that time of year to find a project to stimulate us through those gloomy winter months. Take the step and see where it leads? Becoming a Retain My Dignity™ Artisan could be exactly what you're looking for to pass those rainy days ..
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