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30th April 2021
There's a new kind of retail therapy: shop for 'wellbeing' with Nurture™ Outlet.

Nurture™ is a retail concept to provide wellness through Biophilic interiors. Nurture™ brings the outdoors into our homes in the form of colourful, botanical themed and uplifting fabrics teamed with houseplants, or simply through houseplants alone.

It's commonly accepted that houseplants can purify the air in your home but they also offer psychological benefits from their inspiring presence or simply from the therapeutic benefits of nurturing them.

Nurture™ follows the theme further through it's Fairtrade Sustainable Organic fabrics which not only supports the fair treatment of the world's cotton producers but also benefits the environment.

Nurture™ boasts it's goal as 'To create a feeling of wellbeing. To help people feel inspired by their environment. To create a more caring world by being more caring.'

Nurture™ collaborates with local Mind Mental Health Charity and offers Licences for the use of Nurture™ branding in shops and garden centres, but also in cafes whose customers can enjoy the aura of a biophilic interior filled with greenery.

Licence fees will be modest, at a rate mutually agreed with the licensee and paid direct to their local Mind or charity of their choice.

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