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Which Sustainable Fabric is the Most Environmentally Friendly?

21st June 2023
A Sustainable Fabric will be Sustainably Sourced in the case of natural fibres, whereby production costs and the impact on the environment are kept to a minimum, or Recycled in the case of synthetic materials.

But which is best and has the least impact on the environment?

Recycled Polyester fabric is made from plastic bottles. Understandably this might initially seem to have the least impact. But think again: recycled polyester is not biodegradeable and therefore these bottles cannot be recycled twice. So the impact on the environment is simply delayed rather than stopped. Then there was the industrial process in the bottle recycling.

Sustainably sourced cotton without the use of pesticides is biodegradeable and therefore has a minimal impact.

We believe the big winner to be wool.

1. It's naturally occurring.
2. It's biodegradeable and actually improves soil quality.
3. It has inherent thermal qualities when used for curtains and saves energy.
4. It is inherently Fire Retardant when used for upholstery without the need for the environmentally unfriendly Fire Retardant treatment process.

What is Wool Boucle?

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