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Wool Closeout Fabric direct to the USA from the UK Mill

8th July 2023

Direct from the Mill.

Be part of the history of these UK Wool Fabrics.

Many of the Ďhigh endí Wool Furnishing Fabrics for sale in the US come from UK mills. Now you can buy from the Mill direct to the USA and at Closeout prices.

In addition to wool fabrics from Scotland, these imported wools are from the textile mills of Yorkshire in the North of England. Itís traditional textile country and wool fabric has been manufactured there for centuries.

Itís an area steeped in the history of woollen textiles which includes the World Heritage site of Saltaire, the former Woollen Mill on the Leeds Liverpool Canal.

The Leeds to Liverpool Canal was completed in 1816, after 46 years in construction. Dug by hand by Irish Navvies at a rate of around 3 miles per year.

The canal heralded the massive growth of the industry. Barges brought in the fleeces and transported the finished woollen fabrics to the port of Liverpool for onward shipping to the USA and around the world.

Using a system of locks, Engineers had found a way to take barges uphill. The journey of 149 miles from Bradford to Liverpool was slow and involved 79 locks. It took an exhausting week of long days to make the journey to Liverpool Docks.

Peter Lees Fabrics is in the North of England and sources these UK Wool Closeout Fabrics. direct from the Textile Mills.

Environmental issues and the desire for sustainable products is bringing about a new dawn for wool, and once again it has become highly sought after.

The recycling of plastic for sustainable fabric is a beneficial recent innovation but the resulting fabric is not biodegradable. Not only is wool naturally occurring but it is biodegradable and will actually feed the soil..

Plains, semi plains, textures and Boucle. These wools are the real deal. Mostly from 92% to 100% wool, some with Mohair.

They are Fire Retardant, Water Repellent, Thermal and Sustainable. Wool is suitable for drapery and upholstery with a high Rub Test.

Thereís nothing quite like the homely feel of wool and it's understated quality..

Become part of the history of this wonderful fabric and buy direct from source.

High % Wool fabric is usually very expensive, often over US$100.00yd. The Peter Lees wools are at Closeout prices and come in the form of Roll Ends and Half Rolls up to 15.0m (thatís over 16yards). So thereís more than enough for most projects and at prices that wonít break the bank.

This is Wool Mohair Boucle. Trending right now in 2023. 85% Wool 10% Mohair 5% Nylon. Recommended price UK £94.00m. You won't believe the price when you buy direct. Wool Closeout Fabrics

For our US colleagues - donít be alarmed at the pricing of fabric in £ís and measured by the metre. £1.00m is roughly equivalent to US$1.00yd.

There's FREE samples and International Post and Shipping Charges are applied at the Checkout. FREE* International Shipping on orders over £350.00 (Thatís approx US$450.00)

*See the Delivery section.

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