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22/12/18 - Wishing all a Merry Christmas and Happy New YearWith Christmas now but a few days away, we'd like to thank all our customers for their business over the course of 2018. It's been a very exciting year at Peter Lees Fabrics, with several new improvements and products lines release..
16/12/18 - Secret Ingredient™ Apron and Felix RecipesRemember if you have any questions regarding Felix' Secret Ingredient ™ recipes - you can E mail him personally: Secret Ingredient ™ #justaddnurture..
16/12/18 - Felix Secret Ingredient Recipe Videos.The first Secret Ingredient ™ recipe 'method' video has been launched. Felix' Winter Sausage Casserole is spicy and heart warming and sure to be a big hit: Secret Ingredient Secret Ingredient ™ #justaddnurture..
16/12/18 - The Secret Ingredient™ Apron for CarersThe Secret Ingredient ™ Apron is not just for aspiring chefs. It's perfect for Carers and sends a powerful message to those you care for. Visit Retain My Dignity Secret Ingredient ™ #justaddnurture..
16/12/18 - The Secret Ingredient™ Apron and Felix RecipesThe Secret Ingredient ™ Apron and Felix' recipes are a perfect way to involve teenagers; to appreciate and cook world cuisine. All the recipes are made completely from scratch and Felix shows you how to create authentic home cooked foo..

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