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21/01/21 - iLiv Fabrics Search FacilityAs we continue to expand the number of iLiv fabrics we offer on the website, we're always looking at how to make it easy for customers to find the fabrics they're interested in. To that end, we've added a new iLiv Fabrics search too..
30/12/20 - Felix Stanley - House Plant AddictFelix Stanley during his travels. Before his return and subsequent houseplant addiction. I am a Houseplant Addict ..
17/12/20 - New iLiv Simply The Best section addedAs one of the leading suppliers of iLiv fabrics, here at Peter Lees we know exactly which fabrics are the most popular. Many customers often visit us looking for several specific fabrics, which can be difficult to find when confronted ..
07/12/20 - Slow TV. Slow Radio. And now Slow Cooking.My cooking template, method and recipes are a great tonic to modern life. Beginners can immerse themselves in the process and create tasty, healthy home made food to share. Cooking Is Therapeutic My Secret Ingredient recipe pag..
12/11/20 - Interior design ideas for winterNow that dark nights and shorter days are upon us, the Mail has taken a look at interior designs for the winter season - in a piece aptly named Interiors: Winter is coming. With ideas on homeware accessories, lighting and textiles, ..

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