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01/06/19 - Secret Ingredient - Felix Recipes on InstagramFollow Felix on Instagram @the_felixster where we hope to generate more guest recipes from the UK and around the world. ..
23/05/19 - Perfect Chicken Curry. Felix v Jamie OliverWe all have a different view as to what is our Perfect Curry. Quite right too. Have you ever wished you could make it yourself? From scratch? I'm going to show you and it will take less than 10 minutes to do so. You see it isn't ..
23/05/19 - Thai Curry. Felix v Gordon RamsayWhen I saw the Gordon Ramsay video Lazy Bachelors had more than 2 million views I decided to have a crack at teaching lazy bachelors to cook curry myself! Although there's lots of recipes and videos on my web page - they all use the..
18/05/19 - Flame Retardant Fabrics For The HomeAttitudes are changing. With a number of high profile fires in recent times - Fire Retardant fabrics are no longer reserved for the commercial sector. With iLiv Contract fabrics there are Fire Retardant fabrics which are both stylis..
17/05/19 - Fire Retardant Curtain Fabrics For The Home.Fire Retardant Fabrics aren't just for Hotels and Care Homes, as seen by a recent incident covered across the media. 22nd April 2019: ''Sunlight hitting a mirror on one of the hottest days of the year set curtains alight" - https..

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