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03/06/19 - Fire Retardant Fabrics on InstagramIt isn't easy buying curtains for a commercial environment. Finding stylish Fire Retardant Curtain Fabric at the right price is difficult and time consuming but commercial contractors can charge a fortune. And it all seems so...comp..
03/06/19 - Curtain Makers Directory on InstagramThe Curtain Makers Directory helps you find a curtain maker in your area who will make up using your fabric. They may even offer a measuring and fitting service. We all know that with the advent of the Internet there aren't many ..
01/06/19 - Retain My Dignity ™ ® on InstagramYou can now find us on Instagram @retain_my_dignity where we showcase not only our own dignity products but also those of artisans from all over the world. We also try and include information as to how to buy these artisans' product..
01/06/19 - New feature for Peter Lees Sale FabricsWe can keep you updated with deliveries if you 'Follow' us on Instagram @peter_lees_fabrics. You will then receive notification of new fabric arrivals. Don't miss out! Download the Instagram app now and keep up with events. NEW fa..
01/06/19 - Secret Ingredient - Felix Recipes on InstagramFollow Felix on Instagram @the_felixster where we hope to generate more guest recipes from the UK and around the world. ..

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