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27/11/13 - Festive Fabric IdeasIt doesn’t take much to get us into the festive spirit here at Peter Lees Fabrics! For weeks now we have been preparing ourselves for our busy Christmas period, where people often look to make warming or winter changes to their home dé..
23/10/13 - Made to Measure Curtain QuoteThe hardest part about redecoration is choosing the correct combination of colours, textures and patterns. So Peter Lees offers hundreds of types of fabric and curtain material on its website, in all sort of finishes, colours, patterns..
28/08/13 - Free iLiv Fabric SamplesEveryone likes something for free, right? Right? Of course they do! And a huge part of our philosophy as a business is letting customers try before they buy, using online channels for ease of service and convenience, yet offering the s..
21/06/13 - iLiv Stocks are improving.Due to high demand certain packaged items have been out of stock but the situation is improving with regular deliveries...
21/06/13 - A Summer Sale is now on.The discontinuation of certain collections has generated discounts of up to 75% on certain items. See the Sale section. When it's gone, it's gone...

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