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25/08/20 - Visit our new roll ends pageFabric roll ends, previously only available via our sale fabrics page, have always been one of our most popular products - offering bargain prices for great looking fabrics. To help make it as easy as possible to find them, we've no..
21/08/20 - Symbol for Nurture Tattoo What is the Symbol for Nurture ? Who is it for and what does it mean? 'To care for and take care of, protect, raise, support, feed, nourish, mentor, stimulate, help, cherish, develop, craft and strengthen.' So it can mean di..
25/07/20 - New iLiv Collections Teatro and NavajoPeter Lees Fabrics stocks all the latest iLiv collections, including Teatro and Navajo, both of which come in several different colour ways. Navajo takes inspiration from indigenous and tribal roots, whilst Teatro is influenced by t..
27/06/20 - Nurture houseplants now availableWe're delighted to introduce our newest product range - Nurture houseplants . Our collection of attractive, air-purifying plants can help spruce up your household and create a feeling of well being. We have dozens to choose from,..
24/05/20 - Entice Fabric and 1812 Cushions Sections IntroducedDue to the popularity of our Entice Dress Fabric and 1812 Cushions, we've introduced dedicated tabs and sections for them. Previously they were both located within the Sale Fabrics section, but their popularity to date has shown the..

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