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05/05/21 - iLiv Fabrics stock availability levels now addedBy popular request we've added a new feature to all our iLiv Collections and iLiv Curtain Fabrics - an availability section showing exactly how many metres we have in stock, and when the next delivery date for further stock will be. ..
30/04/21 - Shop for Wellbeing with Nurture™.There's a new kind of retail therapy: shop for 'wellbeing' with Nurture™ Outlet. Nurture™ is a retail concept to provide wellness through Biophilic interiors. Nurture™ brings the outdoors into our homes in the form of colourful, bot..
23/04/21 - Peter Lees Fabrics Charity DonationsYou may have noticed the new charity collection box image at the footer of all pages. We're pleased to announce that we will shortly begin making charity donations to a mental health charity. Check back for more updates in the near ..
25/03/21 - Uplifting Fabrics and Fairtrade Sustainable Organic sections addedAs one of the UK's leading suppliers of iLiv fabrics, we're always looking for new ways to help our customers find exactly what they want from the ever-growing iLiv range. With this in mind, we've added two new sections to our iLiv ..
23/02/21 - Stock Curtain Lining ExpandedWe've recently expanded our stock curtain lining range, allowing customers plenty of different choices when it comes to selecting the perfect lining for any fabric order. You can now add Polycotton Sateen to your order, amongst several..

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