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24/04/19 - My Perfect Curry. My Perfect Ragu.Once you grasped Felix' techniques, we already invited you to send us details and images of your 'signature' curry. The great news is that we now have enough recipes for you to create a curry banquet. So we decided to show you how to ..
13/04/19 - New iLiv Collections In StockPeter Lees Fabrics is one of the leading suppliers of iLiv fabrics in the UK, having worked with the brand since its inception. We always offer the complete range of iLiv fabrics, and now have the newest collections in stock and onl..
28/02/19 - Felix Perfect CurryFelix shows how to make his authentic perfect curry with secret ingredient. View Recipe Secret Ingredient ™ #justaddnurture..
28/02/19 - The method for making the perfect ragu explained.Felix shows you how to make the perfect authentic ragu with the added secret ingredient. View Recipe Secret Ingredient ™ #justaddnurture..
26/02/19 - Felix Basic CurryFelix' Basic Curry Method Video is a compacted recipe video. In just a few minutes it shows you exactly how to cook the dish. It's easy to follow and allows you to 'try before you buy'. Here's a link: View Recipe Secret Ingredient ..

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